April 20, 2015

Drought in California getting worse..

We are currently living through the worst drought in recorded history in California. Why are there no water restrictions in LA or San Diego? At my marina in San Diego, we still have boaters leaving their freshwater hoses on 24/7 to keep their boat jackets topped off, so as to fend off saltwater creatures and keep growth on their hulls to a minimum.

Yes, that's right - the municipal hoses on the dock left at full blast constantly so that the boat owners don't have to pay to have their hulls scraped. And this is happening in the middle of the worst drought in recorded history.

It may be time for water restrictions to be imposed...

If people are still feeling entitled to leave a hose on all day and all night, then clearly the message of water conservation is not enough. 

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Captain Curran said...

rain came in very lightly on saturday night, but not enough to wash off my truck..