November 21, 2008


This was a cold day. You can sort of tell Federico is a little annoyed to still be out on the water, and this R.Kelly/snoop-dog duet wasn't sweetening the pot at all.

just a couple dudes in a cockpit

November 12, 2008


Due to low harvest numbers in Marine Area 10, crabbing season has been extended till January.
Lately, we have been baiting the pot with whole chickens. Sometimes when you pull in the pot, it's still just the chickens.

Garrison Keillor adds a warm touch to the liveaboard lifestyle. Before I moved onto the boat - I liked Garrison enough, he was not an unwelcome part of the weekend.

But now it is different.
Garrison and me are like homeboys on the open seas. I now have nothing but time for his long winded stories about a bunch of regular joes holding down stools at a coffee shop in Lake Wobegon. Even the 'Guy Noir' skit seems funnier.

November 2, 2008

This is the first fish caught while under sail. The fish is a bottom feeder, a starry flounder, caught with a piece of turkey near a sewage outlet in the Piper's Creek watershed of Puget Sound. Steve and I ate this fish because we were hungry. We could have eaten the piece of turkey, but we ate the flounder.
This flounder is a humbling stepping stone on the path towards the real thing. The real thing is to catch a salmon while sailing. That's the real thing -