January 3, 2023

Love our cockpit canopy on the sailboat.

I was just reminiscing back to my last trip to the Sea of Cortez....

My old Newport 30 sailboat performed very well on each trip out to Espiritu Santo islands. Jess and I had incredible amounts of fun. Each trip brought us up close with sea turtles, blue footed boobies and various sea mammals.

We prepped the boat to withstand the intense summer heat in Baja. I built this basic canopy shade structure using PVC pipes and UV resistance canvas. The main sail would slide over the top of the canopy and we would only need to take down the canopy in heavy winds. 

The PVC pipes slid right into little pipe holder aluminum bits that would screw into the fiberglass cockpit walls. 

That's all we needed for this trip.... simple!