December 11, 2018

Whale sharking in La Paz!

Temperatures have finally dropped in La Paz, Mexico. It is back to being pleasant...

Jessica and I invited her sister and brother in law to join us for a week of boating and snorkeling. La Paz did not disappoint. 

With a bit of effort, we climbed on board one of the whale shark guide boats. Luckily, the sharks were in town!

A 25 foot whale shark almost eats Kari. 
I love this photo... Kari swimming next to the whale shark truly show the size of this species.

The whale sharks are truly magnificent creatures. Fortunately, the local government is doing a great job managing this natural resource. All boats must have a permit to snorkel with this enormous fish.
Hopefully many more generations will get a chance to see them in action...

our dingy out on Espiritu Santo

We sailed out to Espiritu Santo and immediately met up with very strong winds. This was borderline unsafe and so we returned to safe harbor a few days before plan. A dive boat capsized in the same weather, so we are happy with our decision to be the prudent mariners.

rooftop dinner in La Paz
The foul weather meant we had more time to explore the many cantinas and food spots along the Malecon. La Paz is such a great town- here you can see a very nice sunset. No complaints here...

until next time Mexico!