June 4, 2018

Dropping anchor in a collapsed volcano

We recently sailed out to a gorgeous anchorage on the island of Espiritu Santu. After heading 25 nautical miles north of the La Paz, we reached a unique spot called Caleta Partida.

At one point this bay was actually a volcano. Then the volcano erupted and after that - the volcano collapsed.

When you drop anchor in Caleta Partida, you are sailing into the middle of a sunken volcano.

The Alize' in a collapsed volcano

From this photo, you can see the walls of the ancient volcano. Our boat in anchored here in about 15 feet of water, you can see the water turns to a light blue as you near the shore. This shoal area goes down to about 3 feet and is then exposed at low tide.

Green sea turtles are abundant in this bay. We tried to capture them in a photo, but that's like playing whack-a-mole....

Jess and I after taking the dingy ashore.

Winds can whip up to a gale without a moment's notice in this Baja anchorage. The high walls on the north do provide some protection from northerly winds, however west winds will rip right in...

Here is a blog post from some like-minded sailors, they also enjoyed their stay in the collapsed volcano.