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This site is written by sailor and biologist, Kevin Curran. I didn't grow up sailing but got hooked while finishing up school at the University of Washington in Seattle. The UW has a great sailing program. For very little money, you can advance from beginner to an over confident intermediate sailor quite quickly. In no time at all, I found myself out crossing the Puget Sound on rickety old keelboats and learning to drop anchor near Blake Island.

Anyway, that was a long time ago. I eventually transitioned from an over confident intermediate sailor into the delusional advanced stage. With that transition comes the inevitable adventure up the Inside Passage to Alaska. 

Then after many dark and stormy winters in Seattle, the lure of the sub-tropics became strong. I packed up my Newport 30 and headed to San Diego. This is where I reside today. I try to keep the pleasant climate from making me soft. I try to get into the Channel Islands as much as possible. And I try to keep up with this site as best as possible.

Any questions? You can find me at kevincurranuw@gmail.com

Captain Curran
PO Box 7813
San Diego, CA 92167

Fair Winds!



Ben said...

Congratulations Capt.Curran this is an excellent site. Lots of valuable information.

My name is Ben, I recently retired and interested in learning to sail. I am ready to book an ASA course next month. Reading since weeks all I can read. Was with friends on sailboat twice am from Europe and living in AZ. 6 hour drive to San Diego. I am physical fit, team oriented and look for a chance to crew with you when you have an opening for a week or so to test the water. I am reliable and responsible and good edu and clean background none smoker - non drinker well socially ...:-) My goal is to buy a sailboat next year docking in CA may be San Diego.

Yes we can :-)


Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor said...

Thanks so much for your email and reaching out to us! Looking forward to following along with your site. Cheers - Ellen | The Cynical Sailor