May 16, 2019

The boat is emptied out and clean, she is ready for a new owner.

My beautiful Newport 30 sailboat is cleaned out and prepped for the market.

Yes, all good things must pass. My beloved Alize is no different...
I drove my truck down the Baja peninsula and hauled all my boat stuff back to San Diego.
Alize is now listed with La Paz Yachts, ask for Tom. He is the man. Here is the listing page. Tom can handle all inquiries and take you out for a visit to the boat.

This 30 foot sailboat has a beautiful and functional Yanmar diesel.
The boat is ready to island hop in the Sea of Cortez.

She is ready for her next adventure!

Main cabin and settee

 Rotating small dinner table, perfect for 2.

Here she rests at dock in Marina Costa Baja, just a few miles from the town of La Paz, Mexico.
You can find more details on the website at La Paz Yachts. All inquiries about boat should be directed at Tom at La Paz Yachts.

March 7, 2019

Dorado from the Sea of Cortez

Last year, I caught this beautiful Dorado out in southern end of the Canal de San Jose.
It is rare that I am fully prepared to bring in a decent sized pelagic fish on the Alize'.

But in this moment, I was equipped with the proper Mexican fishing license, a stout deep sea pole and reel and good high test line. This fish put up a good fight.

Dorado from the Canal de San Jose

My girlfriend is famously known for NOT eating fish. This has been a major source of tension in our relationship. However, we broke this trend with this delicious Dorado.

After filleting the fish, we sliced off section for sashimi and seasoned to taste with spices and soy sauce.

The meal was fantastic!

January 31, 2019

Broke another tiller...and got a new one.

Hello sailing friends,

Long time no talk... Winter is the least boat-y season of the year.
Like many, I've been busy with the holiday season and travel...
Fortunately, I have a 2 week sail planned with the Alize' down in southern Baja.

The plan is to slowly travel from La Paz up to the islands near Loreto.

To prepare for this journey, I've just purchased a beautiful new tiller for the Newport 30 sailboat.
Check her out, this just arrived in the mail.

As you can see, the designers included a large "rise" in the dimensions. In fact, this is a 16 inch shift in plane. This allows the tiller to turn in a large radius without hitting the edge of my cockpit seats.

I am planning to sell the boat, so I thought it would be cool to put a fresh tiller on the boat.

If anyone is looking for a promptly built tiller, I recommend Jamestown Distributors. They built this in 4-5 days and the price was very reasonable.
I think I paid 140$, something like that...