November 21, 2019

The Alize' has sold to the highest bidder

There is an old cliche in the boating community, 'the two happiest days in a boater's life are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat.'

I am not one to cling to an old cliche but in this case, the adage rings true.

Closing sale documents are sitting in my inbox and I am elated.


I am filled with joy because this beautiful vessel has found a new home and a new life.

There are adventures on the horizon for this old sailboat. Her story is still unfolding. Her future is unwritten.

You see....once you start in with the old cliches, they just begin spilling forward.

What more can I say. I took this vessel to the glaciers of Alaska and then down to the islands of Mexico. Considering this boat was marketed as a coastal cruiser, I should say that we certainly cruised some coastline.

She never let me down.
That is what is so hard to say goodbye to.
She was good to the last drop.

She was always ready for more. She rarely complained. Maybe never, she may have never complained.

She entered my life with a strong, functional Yanmar diesel engine and she has now left my life with the same strong and functional Yanmar diesel.

If I ever buy another boat (I will), that boat will contain a Yanmar diesel.

Oh, and I will buy another boat.
Mark my words.

It won't be for some time. I am currently enjoying the hell out of not owning a boat. But soon enough I will be sniffing around the docks, looking for something that is ready to head out to Sea.
Something big and blue water ready.

But until that moment, I may buy something small and leave it on a mooring ball in Mission Bay, perhaps in Mariner's Cove. Yes, I am saying it now... I am in the market for a 25 footer to hold me over until I pick up a blue water cruiser.

But for now, so long Alize' and thanks for the memories....

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