July 9, 2019

Boat price recently reduced to 10K

If you have ever dreamed of dropping anchor in a remote Mexican island - this is your chance.

It turns out, you don't even need to be rich. You need 10K and an adventurous heart.

My beloved Alize' sailboat is waiting for you in a fancy marina in La Paz. Costa Baja Marina is about 4 miles outside of downtown La Paz.

Here is the listing for sailboats at La Paz Yachts. You can find my boat - it is the most affordable boat on the page!

This is my Newport 30 out sailing off the coast of San Diego

This is my make shift sun canopy. In this image, the boat is anchored off of Espiritu Santo Island. This location is a 4 hour sail from Marina Costa Baja.

If you want to learn anything about my marine solar panel installation, you can click here to learn about the solar panel on my boat.

All questions on the sale of boat can be directed at Tom at La Paz Yachts.