January 2, 2016

sailing into the final sunset of 2015

We managed to untie the dock lines just in time to catch a light breeze before sunset.

Another year down the pipe and a new one on the horizon.

pointing the old Newport 30 into the setting sun of 2015

Jess and I catching the last sun of 2015

The earth keeps on spinning - and revolving around the sun. Can't stop that from happening. The best you can do is enjoy the ride.

While throwing in some tacks at sunset, we ran into some friends out on the water. These friends hadn't made any New Year's eve plans. They were just aimlessly running around in their dingy with a bottle of wine.

They boarded our ship and we sailed into harbor with them.
They seemed to want to latch onto our night's plans.

We then told them - we had already planned out our entire night - and we were about to dig into some nice steaks and had wood chopped for the fire.

In the spirit of New Year's eve, we then dropped them off and told them to split - this was a 2 person show.

The end.

my Newport Dickinson keeping the cabin cozy