April 28, 2009

Sailing with a couple of serious homeboys like Micah and Freeny is an absolute pleasure.
I met Freeny in Ashland, Oregon. He showed up at my girlfriend's house with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a Harvey Keitel movie called, 'Smoke'. Then the next week he showed up with 'The Secret of Roan Innish' and then the next week with 'Roadside Prophets' another obscure one starring one of the Beastie Boys. But that was a long time ago, even before his John Sayle's phase.
Micah, I met in a geology class at Southern Oregon University. He had an afro comb in his hair and had a near perfect memory for scientific minutae. I think he still does - but the afro comb is long gone.

This was the first time 'AlizeII' has dropped her sails and moored up with another boat out in the middle of the Sound. In most respects it was a success. Although, a power boat whizzed by and created rolling swells that rocked our boats back and forth in a non-synchronized manner. This violently smashed our spreaders and sidestays together, repeatedly. We had to quickly untie boats and push off. This ended our party lickety-split. And when the dust settled, I was stuck with the shedding dog on my boat. It wasn't my dog.

My old friend Ryan Kitson said he had a friend who was visiting Seattle and she'd never been on a sailboat.

The Rice sisters, Dan and R. Kelly

I know what you're thinking. It's too early in the season for R.Kelly. Well, i beg to differ.
The person tucked into the sarcophagus is Courtney Rice. She managed to have a great time, despite the intense bedding she prefers to sail with.