May 29, 2009

meticulously sliced cheese

a good day at sea can bring out previously hidden attributes -
for example, the ability to produce the perfect slice of cheddar

May 28, 2009

wing on wing

As you sail into the protected side of Bainbridge Island, you pass under Agate Bridge. The bridge sits 61 feet above the water while my mast extends 48 feet above the water - so there's no problem with clearance. We took it 'wing on wing', which means the foresail sits on the opposite side of the boat from the mainsail. The boat takes on the appearance of a bird with outstretched wings.

galley mate

It is a fact of maritime law, the least experienced crew member assumes the role of galley wench. Some people struggle with this role, they become embittered and ultimately reject their duties. This is less than desirable for the rest of the crew.
But Danielle Frandina took to her job in the galley with style and grace. Every bit the Italian, she turned out many delicious dishes and enjoyed herself in the process.

For Seattle boaters looking to learn about the travel distances from Seattle to nearby marinas, please follow this link. This post includes simple and helpful info on local Seattle boating.

a trip to Nirvana

Last weekend, we ran into Pat and Marsha Freeny while docked up in Poulsbo. Kevin Freeny's parents were happily cruising their gorgeous boat, aptly named Nirvana. Pat invited my crew over for a tour of Nirvana.

They say 'god can move mountains, but you better bring a shovel'. I don't think this is too far from the mark.

'Nirvana' awaits the deserved, but you better bring a paddle.

May 7, 2009

Gray whale flukes in Useless Bay

The Gray whales migrate from Mexico to Alaska every year. But they always stop by Whidbey Island for a few months to feed on ghost shrimp. Apparently, our ghost shrimp is 'to die for'.

poise and hygiene at Sea

Keeping up with hygiene is critical at Sea. The huge yellow catamaran docked behind us is called 'Bananas". It is for sale, contact Port Townsend Boat Haven for details.

apres docking

It has been observed that, upon pulling into a marina after a long day at Sea, the crew tends to enjoy staying on the boat a bit longer before exploring a new port. This moment seems especially conducive to conversation.

May 5, 2009


It is important to uphold a touch of class and poise while out at sea for a few days, I think Elizabeth embodies that sentiment.

wooden ships

Port Townsend is a bastion of wooden ships. Anywhere you dock in PT Marina, Boat Haven, you'll be tying up next to a gorgeous wooden ship.


Josh is a kiwi. He wears that like a badge of honor. Like all great Kiwis - he is a wonderful conversationalist, he travels the world aggressively and he knows his ways around a boat. Hands down - he is top notch crew.


Port Townsend is a gem. Sirens is the best reason to arrive in Port Townsend. Rain or shine, they have a great view.

Race to the Straights

This past weekend, Alize' II entered her first race, or snuck into her first race as an unregistered boat. This provided our crew ample opportunity to watch as every other boat in the race passed us on our way to Port Townsend.
There are many reasons why we were so easily bested. One of those reasons is because we don't have a spinnaker. The Spinnaker is the colorful light sail used to head downwind faster than those boats without spinnakers. I can't quite afford one right now, but i will be getting one anyway.