May 28, 2009

wing on wing

As you sail into the protected side of Bainbridge Island, you pass under Agate Bridge. The bridge sits 61 feet above the water while my mast extends 48 feet above the water - so there's no problem with clearance. We took it 'wing on wing', which means the foresail sits on the opposite side of the boat from the mainsail. The boat takes on the appearance of a bird with outstretched wings.


Danielle said...

The intro to KOL's "Arizona" is the perfect soundtrack for the moment we pass under the bridge, "wing on wing." I'd like to attribute this to my deft DJing skills, but in truth, this was just another serendipitous moment among so many serendipitous moments.

Anonymous said...


your set list was tight -

impeccable taste in music
i've always said that
even when you were working your way through the 'apricot jam' phase

daniel said...

I concur. That was some of the best music we've had yet on the boat. Great work, galley wench!