May 28, 2009

a trip to Nirvana

Last weekend, we ran into Pat and Marsha Freeny while docked up in Poulsbo. Kevin Freeny's parents were happily cruising their gorgeous boat, aptly named Nirvana. Pat invited my crew over for a tour of Nirvana.

They say 'god can move mountains, but you better bring a shovel'. I don't think this is too far from the mark.

'Nirvana' awaits the deserved, but you better bring a paddle.


Danielle said...

Beautiful editing job. The video may be even funnier than the actual experience. At one point, Pat muttered, "C'mon, baby" to the motor, which I really liked.

Toddy said...

classic. I just want to give pat a bear hug.

Unknown said...

there is a nice moment when the camera pans up and you can hear Marsha say, 'pat, maybe you are out of gas?'
which, as it turns out, was correct -

they say behind every great man, is a great woman...

Joel Byron Barker said...

He did pop me in the face just once while trying to start the engine. Apologized without missing a beat.

In a fit of intramural crew cooperation, the paddling went off quite smoothly.