November 12, 2008

Garrison Keillor adds a warm touch to the liveaboard lifestyle. Before I moved onto the boat - I liked Garrison enough, he was not an unwelcome part of the weekend.

But now it is different.
Garrison and me are like homeboys on the open seas. I now have nothing but time for his long winded stories about a bunch of regular joes holding down stools at a coffee shop in Lake Wobegon. Even the 'Guy Noir' skit seems funnier.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am such a nouveau-traditionalist-lefty-public radio dork. Well, sort of. I can't stand the sound of some of those shows now. just overkill of down home throwback hipster intellectual sentimentalism. But still, but still. Prairie home Companion is a long time favorite. Mother Stewart and I used to listen to Lake Whobegon audio tapes on our long coastal rides down to Santa Barbara in the late eighties early nineties. I am a lifer of sorts, that is.
This one here you are playing was from just last Saturday. I listened to it myself, driving around in the newly dark, taking my son and wife to Godmother's birthday party.
God bless you and your little boat.

Anonymous said...

- that was a good Saturday, I couldn't get anyone to come out sailing, it had been raining off an on all day and noone seemed that thrilled with the idea. TK almost came down, but then he didn't. I realized I should just go out alone and hope that nothing bad happens. And so I did and nothing bad happened.