November 12, 2008

Due to low harvest numbers in Marine Area 10, crabbing season has been extended till January.
Lately, we have been baiting the pot with whole chickens. Sometimes when you pull in the pot, it's still just the chickens.


Anonymous said...

oh, roundies. how long do you let them sit? how many pots do you drop?
what are restrictions on design and size these days?

Anonymous said...

yep - the roundy. it is pricier than the square collapseable job, but Micah convinced me to drop the extra cash, apparently the roundies are better at holding onto crabs once they walk into the traps - I use 100 feet of lead line so that there is nothing floating on top of the water. then I ususally drop the pot on my way out to sail, then sail for 1-2 hours and then hoist it back up on my way back to the marina-
1 pot per licensed crabber, you can keep 5 legal sized males, that is at least 6.75 inches across the carapace, no restrictions on red rock crabs, but there meat is very crappy compared to Dungeness (and that is coming from someone who is non-particular about most things)

best bait:

salmon carcass
turkey legs

worst bait:

whole chickens
perforated cans of tuna fish

guess which ones i end up using most of the time...

Anonymous said...

Heh. One time my dad and I caught a dogfish and stuffed it into our square job (those always worked fine for us).
Not a single wink from a Jim or a Jane. Nothing nothing at all. I guess for obvious reasons. Maybe Chicken is the natural dry land predator of Dungeness and they can just smell that shit from a mile away?

Anonymous said...

i really want to check my pot right now, I put it back down after that video, so the pot has been sitting under 90 feet of water since Sunday morning - i figured i would have time to pull it up this week, but i got slammed at work - so it remains in Davy Jone's Locker.
I won't have time till Saturday morning to pull it up -
man... i hope there's a motherlode of crabs in there.

mental note, never use dogfish.

Anonymous said...

i shudder to think what sort of condition those chickens are in..

probably boiling with sea lice.

Anonymous said...

i will film the pot retrieval, whatever the contents -

Anonymous said...

can't wait. We used to go overnight, but a few nights is quite a long time.