April 12, 2015

Reynolds 21 catamaran

Chris - a regular character down in Mission Bay is often found kicking around on his Reynolds 21 catamaran. This is a beat up old boat but she sails very nice in moderate winds.

This team of salty sailors pulled the Reynolds close enough up to my boat and we got these photos.

Ocean Beach and Point Loma are off in the background.

Chris, Corey and Dave out cruising the Reynolds 21

making the most of the winds
Dave maintains a neurology website, which provides an academic resource for training neurologists.


John jtechie said...

Hello cool looking boat! I have one just like her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO5h0dxwJF0 Do you have any videos? Your boat looks great i am only on a inland lake very small spotty winds , gusty and shifty lake! How is it to sail her with a constant wind? Its got a be adream

Kevin Curran said...

Hi John-

Yeah it's a blast taking her out in the pacific

She's very light and moves well over the swells

Thanks for the video
Freshwater sailing is cool too- once you've been in the salt for awhile - you start missing lake sailing

We've got 5 foot swells today and 17 knot winds

Should be interesting ...

Bruce Herman said...

I am looking at a reynold and would love to talk with someone who owns one.
Thanks, Bruce

John Palladini said...

Talk away Bruce. YES Curran I have always wondered how she would be on open water.. I easily get 16+ knots on my lake but then I run out of water. LOL