April 26, 2015

Newport 30 MkII out in the small craft advisory

As Saturday afternoon rolled around, I was slowly prepping my Newport 30 sailboat and hoping that the wind models were correct. A high pressure system was supposed to punch through the Channel Islands - move past Catalina and San Clemente Island and blanket the coastline of Southern California with 15-20 knot winds.

There was not much air movement until about 2 pm. Then the halyards in the marina started rattling. This is always a good sign. We pushed out from the Mission Bay jetty and immediately started ripping. The white caps came in around 4 pm. All in all, this was an exhilarating sail. Banging into the building swell and wind chop with plenty of power. This is why we have boats. 

This photo was taken by my friend, Dave Koller on his Endeavor 38

sailing a newport 30 in strong winds
My Newport 30 MkII loving the strong winds

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Captain Curran said...

thanks - it was a good day