July 28, 2010

Departing for Glacier Bay with the lads

This is the only picture we have of Freeny, Kitson, Micah and myself. It is not a good picture but it is the only one we have from the trip. We all met in Ashland in the late 90's at a small college of moderate quality named Southern Oregon University.

We are luxuriating in the lounge of the eco-cruise ship which employs Kevin Freeny as video chronicler. After this photo, Freeny would soon head off for another work week, while Kitson, Micah and myself would depart for an 8 day trip to Icy Strait and Glacier Bay.

Freeny's National Geographic/Linblad mini-cruise boat.

In this mural the Tlinget creation myth is told. Ravens, eagles and bi-valves play a central role. We would soon get more snippets of Tlinget culture in Hoonah.

With the boat fully provisioned and the wrist rocket in good working order, the mutiny meter had nowhere to go but 'Calm'. We slackened the dock lines and headed out to Sea.