July 28, 2010

60 degrees North - Whitehorse, Yukon - Canada

The Alcan Highway.

Most cities are built below 60 degrees North - Oslo being a rare exception. Before this trip I had never been North of 55 degrees. Whitehorse is now my high water mark for the Northern hemisphere. After taking the Alaskan ferry to Skagway - we rented a car and drove into the Yukon and retraced the 1890's stampeders trail to the gold fields - except without the 40 pounds of nails and denim.

White Pass. An eerie landscape which spends most of the year buried in snow.

We hiked the Chilkoot Trail - or at least one third of it. There was a gorgeous hanging glacier suspended above the trail.

This is a mural of the stampeders carrying their required 1 ton of supplies over the pass and into the Yukon.

I don't want to say that the gold mining history of the Yukon and Skagway has been grossly commercialized, but suffice to say - there's a lot of fudge in these towns.

My mom got the 'cool under pressure' award on the Chilkoot hike. While my Dad and I were wandering around looking for the ruins of Dyea - Joan ran into two grizzly bears and pulled out her new iphone and snapped this shot. This shatters my claim that my mom will never smoothly operate an iphone.


Anonymous said...

aye mately! Looks like so much fun! Hope you sail into Yelapa this winter!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic from your mom and cool spot but you're not on a boat.