July 28, 2010

Tracy Arm

My folks flew into Juneau for a week. First thing we did was take a charter boat up to Sawyer Glacier at the terminus of Tracy Arm. Harbor seals colonize the floating ice near the glacier. The seal's predator, the orca whale, is dissuaded by the ice and so doesn't hamper the seal's mellow.

This is my first photo stitch from the trip - please click on this to expand the photo. The colors and crannies of Sawyer Glacier are incredible.

We took a brief cruise around Douglas Island - one blustery day and one very mellow day. My parents quickly adopted to the comfortable, albeit chilly, cockpit ambiance.

The Mendenhall Glacier serves as Juneau's ambassador. If you don't see it while flying in, hopefully your host will whisk you up there immediately upon arrival - as it is a ten minute drive from the airport. The airport landing strip is built on the terminal moraine, at the end of this valley.

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