June 2, 2010

Day 19 - Campbell River

Dan has arrived!

We are in it to win it - all the way to Juneau.


Frandina said...

I'm happy you're not alone anymore.

The Lucid Library Media Assistant said...

Looks like Dan arrived to save the next batch of fruit! But I thought Dan joined the expedition in Seattle. How did he get all the way up to Campbell River? Swim?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa -

Dan and i are safe and warm in a hotel room in Prince Rupert - and yes - dan has saved the fruit!

he flew to campbell river - it was the plan we came up with - and it worked out alright - so far he has not fallen in - so no swimming yet - we have been listening to Ages on the boat - very kick-ass music
i hope you guys blow up in P-town -