June 2, 2010

Day 18 - rounding Cape Mudge

Cape Mudge put a hurt on me. Strong winds out of the south as I was trying to stay clear of the shallow shoals on the north end of Quadra Island en route to Campbell River.

The winds had been howling all night and so they whipped up some 3-5 foot breaking swells. The swells were coming in all the wrong directions so the best I could do is take them on the bow and watch as things flew about the cabin. The only distressing part of this episode was watching as my fruit hammock repeatedly knocked into a wooden post in my kitchen. Since I am alone at this point, I couldn't afford to let go of the tiller for even a minute. I had to watch over the course of 4 hours as all my fruit got pummeled into a puree that then splashed around the cabin.

As usual, I don't have any pictures depicting the rough moments - only the aftermath shots.

Looking forward to Dan joining the boat in a few days.


zakku said...

pour some rum in it and turn up the reggae.

Unknown said...

gregory isaacs singing night nurse