May 27, 2010

day 8 at sea - crossing the Straights of Georgia -

So far so good - fair winds and head winds - rain and sun - flood tides and ebb tides. These first few weeks are serving as a shakedown cruise to ensure all systems are working before I head North into the British Columbia wilderness - where there are no hardware stores for fix its.

I had a full boat of crew as I left Seattle - that quickly dwindled down to just Theodora Tolkin and then she left at Pender Harbor- now it is just me.

After waiting out a gale in Nanaimo - we crossed the Straight of Georgia in calm weather.

For the record, this was the second time I have waited out a gale in Nanaimo only to cross the Straights with little wind the proceeding day. The problem is . . . I am neither a fan of calm winds nor Nanaimo (no offense to locals Dianna Krall and Pamela Anderson) - so if this happens again - I am crossing the Straights in the gale.

To be clear, I have a lot of love for Canada - but there is something wrong with Nanaimo - it got hit on the head as a child or something - sort of reminds me of Bremerton back in Puget Sound.


Pat Freeny said...

Sounds like the trip is going well. Now, if you had gone around Gabriola to Silva Bay, that's a much better place to wait than busy Nanaimo, and a straight shot across the GA St to a great little anchorage between Lasqueti and Texada (Jedediah anchorage) and it skirts Whiskey-Golf if it is closed to transit (remember this on the way home). Or you could go into Pender Harbor where there is a great grocery store, fuel, and a good pub!

Try out Ford's Terror if you get a chance (up Endicott Arm- Kevin was just there on his trip)

Pat (S/V Nirvana)

Unknown said...

you are right Pat - I need to get more creative with my gale waiting periods - although i just waited out another gale in a sad little has been town called Alert Bay - on Cormorant Island - as a way of not waiting out the gale in the main town of Port McNeil - and this also backfired - Alert Bay is all shut down - no laundromat and the locals are truly depraved drunks - so we are now in Port McNeil - happy to have a laundromat.

(S/V Alize)

Unknown said...

R. Kelly and sailing....I love to pee on people also.

Unknown said...

anj -

when are you going to get past the pee thing and judge the man on his music alone

that pee is just water under the bridge.