May 27, 2010

day 13 at sea

I took a four day detour up Jervis Inlet - North of Vancouver - and sailed solo up to Princess Louisa Inlet - these are dramatic glaciated fjords that make for some incredible sailing. This was the view from my forward hatch at my anchorage at the end of the Louisa Inlet. That is a 5,000 foot high granitic mountain rising right out of the sea. John Muir would have loved this place.

The mountains form a U-shaped valley, dotted with hanging waterfalls, indicative of powerful glacier activity - this place reminded me of Yosemite.

I finally got around to installing solar on the boat. I have yet to see what it can do on a sunny day, but after three hours of partial overcast - this one panel bumped my deep cycle battery up from 13.00 volts to 13.5 volts. This may not seem like a lot - but it means I am now energy sufficient. With the meager 8 amps a day I can generate with this panel - I can run my interior LEDs, anchor light LED, VHF and stereo and keep the starting battery topped off so I have enough cranking amps to start my 20 hp diesel after a long spell living on the hook.

I'm off the grid, YO!

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Kimberly said...

Beautiful photos -- incredible. Looks like a peaceful place to get lost. P.S. This is Kimber.