December 18, 2008

early morning snow sail

After much speculation, Seattle finally got some decent snow. The boat performed well and the diesel engine started up right away - despite the low temperature.


Toddy said...

classic man. just stinking classic. the further this thing goes on, the longer you live the more my pride swells. to think I knew you when you were landlocked.
Seems almost and incoherent concept now.

Anonymous said...

i feel like i may be shooting myself in the foot by saying this, or else putting the shot foot in my mouth, but

for the record -

i will never be landlocked again


Anonymous said...


todd said...

Yer killing me with this no post craap

Anonymous said...

I think this could be my favorite blog. Thanks Toddy and Kevin for turning me onto the dream. the impossible dream. Thanks Curren for apparently living it. send me a vial of salt water laden air please!

Anonymous said...

todd, the dream is alive, but the dream is on sabbatical - not a dream deferred, but a dream delayed - or a dream waylayed -either way, i am roasting my skin in panama. i have left the boat up on the wintery waters of seattle, it is freezing and thawing without me -
there should be some carribean catamarran posts coming soon -

sorry man, i had to get away -
you understand, right?

Anonymous said...

that salt water vial is on its way


Toddy said...

Still killing me. How about a picture of you on a beach?

I LOVE YOU said...
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