December 16, 2008

i'm fine

i want everyone to know that i am fine - nothing to worry about, there's this little space heater and it keeps things near comfortable - which is all i need - seriously, I'm fine.


Anonymous said...

It would be way better if that flier said (as I read it to initially): "Predicted Freeze Predicted"

Anonymous said...

this snow system has been really tough to predict -

we are currently in this snow shadow - so there is a blizzard in Tacoma and also north of the city (snohomish county), but right in seattle it has not snowed yet - but it should in a few hours -
schools are already canceled in anticipation.

Toddy said...

I used to love that about Seattle. Schools closed in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

mistakes were made, that is how Cliff Mass - our resident weather guru - has said it - the school closure was a bit of an embarrassment for the weather industry - but now the snow has hit big time - they were off by a day - due to a delayed convergence - Cliff says he and his colleagues need to have better communication, i thought that was touching. I am becoming a huge fan of Cliff Mass.