October 5, 2008

Two cruise ships passing the stern

The meat of the 2008 summer, the augusts and julys of the year were a bit of a bust weather wise. Its a good idea not to pin your heart on the weather when you live in Seattle, but gimme a break, July and August were heartbreakers. And then came September. September was a gem. Seems like the whole month was in the upper 70's without a lick of rain. Of course, now its October and pissing vinegar and will be till next September. But the point is, when the sun breaks, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it.


kelvin freely said...

I like owing things to myself. Especially when it is dictated by the sun.

Captain defers authority to celestial body:
take your shirt off boys . . . the sun's command.

Toddy said...

I miss teh good old days.
Good thing they are just around the corner again.

Anonymous said...

what is todd's comment in reference to? why are the good times just around the corner?
isn't that sort of ominous?

should we be worried?