June 15, 2017

A nasty dog bite can knock a sailor down...

Calamity has reared its ugly head...


Almost 3 weeks ago, I made the foolish decision to break up a dog fight. I should preface this story by stating that I own both of the dogs involved in the fight. 

Yes, our adorable Mexican rescue sisters went at each other in a very violent manner. In the heat of the moment, I thought that Baja, the brown one, was going to lose an eye...so I got involved. I tried to rip Glacier's jaw off of Baja's face. This emotional decision landed me in the hospital.

My thumb was almost removed by dog teeth. Thank goodness, my bone and ligaments are in good shape. But, the nasty bite demanded surgery and 4 days of being hooked up to IV antibiotics.

a day after surgery, looking pretty banged up..

One of the main nerves in my thumb has been severed so I have lost much of the tactile sensation in my thumb. This may come back...or not. 

Time will tell.

my left hand and Jessica's right hand - mangled

I should mention that my girlfriend was also mangled in this debacle. Her cuts are more superficial than mine, but she still required a trip to the ER.

And of course, the dogs are fine. Not a single scratch.

Lesson learned? If the dogs want to destroy each other...let them. It's not worth hospitalization.

Needless to say, I haven't so much as raised a sail or motored the bay since the attack. I can type on a keyboard and walk around the neighborhood. Fortunately my current work doesn't involve physical labor, so I can keep doing my thing in the biology/biotech universe.

And of course, I am doing my best to minimize my painkiller intake...

Life's a bitch...and sometimes that bitch has teeth.

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