May 5, 2017

Another successful Dog-Sail

Our dogs are about 1.5 years old now and they are just starting to get their sea legs.

They've grown into their doggie life vests and they're almost making it through an afternoon sail without becoming nauseous.

Baja sniffing out an incoming breeze.

 Baja, the brown dog, is a high anxiety pup. She is keenly aware of the world and remains vigilant against every sound and smell. The ocean keeps her on her toes.

not a normal expression for Baja

Here's Jessica and Baja.

Baja looks like a drunk old man in this photo. That's not what she normally looks like... The open Seas brings out something new in her...

Glacier...always comfortable in the world.

Glacier is our white, fuzzy dog.

She is always in a good mood, regardless of the circumstances. Lots of smiles with this one, even when she is mildly puking in the corner of the cockpit.

Jess and Glacier watch the sun dip into the Pacific

The sun sets  -  marking the end of another classic dog-sail.


Mike M. said...

That's awesome they're doing well in their jackets. That's the most difficult part with my dog. She'll wear it, but isn't able to move around very well while wearing it. You've got some good looking dogs.

Thankfully, she's never had any issues with nausea while sailing.


Captain Curran said...

Thanks Mike -

Yep - they have grown into these jackets nicely -they seem to maneuver around just fine..


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