May 11, 2015

Clever boat name for white-collar criminals

Lately, as I sail around the Bay in San Diego, I can't help but notice a theme to lots of boats out on the water. There is a certain type of mariner who fancies himself an ex-con who has made bail and is back on the water. I keep seeing clever boat names for these quasi-criminal types. They are flying the proverbial skull and crossbones and taking no prisoners.

To all those who have made a few mistakes but are now free and clear and have their compass set to La Paz, I salute you and I hope you make it south before the parole officer catches on. I have begun to collect photos of these boats. I put together a list of  these clever boat names and some photos as well. Enjoy!

Clever boat names for white collar criminals

clever boat names
we hope this guy makes it to the border

clever boat names
clear skies ahead

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