May 5, 2015

Scuttlebutt - local San Diego company keeps sailors up to speed.

San Diego is blessed with a vibrant sailing scene. Just go walk around Shelter Island or better yet, get out in the bay once the wind picks up and you'll realize just how many sailors are in our city.

It makes sense that some local boaters put together an online news source to keep our community up to speed on Southern California sailing news. Scuttlebut was launched in 1997 as an e-newsletter with a focus on local sailing news. But that was a long time ago, since then Scuttlebutt has grown into a premier news source for national and international sailing events.

a comprehensive sailing news site

If you're like the rest of us, you've been keeping up with the Volvo Ocean Race. The boats are on the 6th leg now, between Brazil and Newport, US. Here's the latest Scuttlebutt post on the Volvo race, (video) discussing the strategy for the completion of the 6th leg.

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