June 19, 2010


now that freeny is on board - we have a professional spotter for wildlife
- i think he is keying in on a common loon in this shot

approaching wrangell from Zimovia Straight

The sun is out - the tide is low - good friends are on board. We are in a nice little fishing town in Southeast Alaska - called Wrangell. I just bought a James Michener paperback called, Alaska - it is historical fiction. I have never read historical fiction.

We have crab legs in the live hold - and when I say live hold - I mean that the crab are dead and cooked and resting on block ice. Tomorrow - we sail through the Wrangell Narrows and then hook over to the most southerly glacier that rests at sea level, Le Comte Glacier - sounds French. I think we have entered into the easy part of the trip. Days are long. High pressure systems. Light winds. Lots of stuff to look at.

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Shala said...

OMG those shots are beautiful. I have no other words.

just more.

more of AK plz.