June 23, 2010


Petersburg is tucked into the northern end of the Wrangell Narrows - it is an active fishing town founded by Elizabeth Buschmann's great great great grandfather - Peter Buschmann. In the 1890's Peter choose the location partly because him and his Scandinavian friends could carve ice out of the nearby Le Comte Glacier, then use the ice to store their fish. If you see Elizabeth around Seattle - you should buy her a beer - her ancestor put together a nice little town.

Stellar sea lions crowd in on channel marker '52' with Petersburg trailing off in the wake.

In the middle of Petersburg marina, Alize rests in the shadow of trollers, pure-seiners, gill netters, crabbers and long-liners.

This is the best crew shot we have so far. We just docked up at Meyers Chuck.

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