March 23, 2010

a new marine head

This is the latest Twist n' Lock Jabsco Manual. She is a real beauty. To welcome her in properly I also replaced the adjacent plumbing. The install was a bit of a task - but I think a new head is critical for a happy boat.

The old electric head often became a point of tension with my crew in the past. It was pretty awful - wires were corroded - the motor was weak - fuses blew - outflow was shoddy, inflow was worse - the whole concept of an aged electric head is just a bad idea on a sailboat.

I captured the following video about a year ago.
I think it highlights the tension and discomfort that was created by the old electric system.

Although the crew was trying to stay upbeat - i think you can tell that mutiny was just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

it's load dropping time on the AII

Danielle said...

While I am thrilled to know you completed your 5.5 years of toil to earn an impressive terminal degree in biology, Kev, I CANNOT tell you the sense of elation I felt when I read the news of the new toilet on the Alize.

The old one was the only stain upon my memory of four blissful days aboard the Alize II.

Despite Kev's attempts to cover up the smell with copious amounts of nag champa, I'd like Ryan to know that I dry heaved every time I had to use the loo, often just by the sight of the bowl, much less the smell.

Congratulations, Kevin. You've become a man now.

zakku said...

I don't care if the seat is solid gold, i'm paddling in the morning. The salty dog aesthetic of the alize must be preserved.