March 23, 2010

The defense, the defense party and the T-dock dissolution party

A lot has been happening in and around the Alizé II. First of all, I finished my 5.5 year pursuit of a doctoral degree in developmental biology - second of all, a bunch of family and friends got together to celebrate this event - third of all, our small community on T dock at Shilshole marina has begun to disband. Gary has left Seattle for greener pastures in Portland. So, we got together to mark the event.
the boss and I in a last minute strategy session minutes before the defense presentation.

a luciferase activity slide from the talk.

and then the Prosecco after the committee members signed their names to the final doctoral exam warrant.
Andrew Prendergrast baked me a cake designed with a melanophore, a xanthophore and an iridophore - the cell types I have been researching.

The Curran family with Ashlyn, my soon-to-be-baptized god-daughter.

My dad enlightening some friends to something, maybe Woody Guthrie, maybe ice climbing, maybe soft drink sales projections - who knows?
My Dad having a moment with my boss.
We rented out the back room at the College Inn that evening and had Indian food brought in.
Tor Linbo envisioned this as a 'Last Supper' moment. So he framed this image accordingly
the 2010 Raible Lab photo

the T-dock dissolution party.

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Toddy said...

Wait, are you a doctor now?