October 22, 2008

dispensing local knowledge

Micah has an expansive knowledge base and is familiar with the sound of others graciously deferring to his expertise. In this 1 minute impromptu clip Micah asserts authority on the following subjects:

1. Directional traffic of commercial barges in Puget Sound shipping lanes.
2. The majestic nature of Mt. Ranier
3. The height (ft.) of Mt. Ranier
4. The height (ft.) of Mt. Ranier in comparison to Mt. Shasta
5. The reason for human error in thinking the mountains are of equal height (sea-level bias)
6. The distance (miles) from Seattle to Mt. Ranier (as the crow flies)
7. The time (hrs.) driving from Seattle to Mt. Ranier (along curved roads or 'rat-holes')


Toddy said...

your gurgitational blasting of back to back blogs on a given day is disconcerting, but highly enjoyable.

Unknown said...

the fits and spurts style of postings is in line with the theory of catastrophism, or saltation, which also serves as an explanation for some biologic speciation, certain geologic phenmomena and political change -

some say gradualism is more in line with Machiavelli - and, as a nation, i think we are all trying to steer away from that - currently

Unknown said...

whooah, blame that previous comment on strong, black coffee on an empty stomach...
i've always been a caffeine lightweight.

zakku said...

don't backpedal captain. it doesn't become your station.
I agree with Freely. The b(log) is just what the alize needs. besides a working shitter.

Unknown said...

thanks zack - i needed to be reminded of that - the b(logosphere) is no place for back pedaling - or disclaimers,
and i can see by your colon cleansing blog, that you are not in the habit of pulling any punches either -