October 28, 2008

unflappable speaker

In the past year, many components of the boat have broken and required maintenance. This speaker, however, this low-end indoor speaker remains unperturbed by the maritime environment.
This speaker is all heart


Toddy said...

How often do you go sailing?

Unknown said...

when i am busy at work, about twice a week - usually one good afternoon/evening, then i plan for a big day on the water on a weekend day, so i can get somewhere slightly far away -
then whenever i have 3 day weekends or breaks in work, i take off for multiple day trips

it has totally consumed me, which is good cuz it keeps me off the streets -

Toddy said...

And in the winter as well?

Unknown said...

especially in the winter - I know you have been living in exile from your homeland for quite some time old bear, might i gently suggest you may have forgotten how mild the Seattle winter can be - sure there is gray upon gray from December to June and the sky looks like saggy water balloons - but the daytime temp rarely gets below lower upper 40's.

this just means i double-up on the knitwear, switch from beer to tawny port and keep my hands in the front of my pants.
I won't see another lady on my boat till July, but that just means more time with the Bro's.

Hey, do you listen to Wagner? if so, do you have recommendations - same question for Caruso. thanks

Shala said...

No ladies until July huh?