September 18, 2008

Lab Sail

The Raible Lab focuses on development biology. This means we are interested in the genetic/molecular decisions which underlay the morphological changes which allow a fertilized egg to transform into an adult organism. To explore this question we perform experiments on zebrafish (Danio rerio), a small tropical freshwater fish. This fish acts as a proxy for all vertebrates. Sometimes our findings are compatible with humans, sometimes they are specific to fish. Here we have Tor Linbo (lifejacket) and his wife Tiffany, Cynthia and Alex (Post-doctorates) Alex's wife and daughter, and then some assistant crew. This was in the short-lived phase of short Lake Union sails, which largely consisted of picking up people and bars and dropping them off at other bars 30 minutes later. It was very convienient for the guests but laborious and stressful for crew.
This video also provided an additional service. It calmed my mother's nerves. After Mom viewed the first sail video seen here, she thought I was in the habit of sailing dangerously while objectifying women. This video stands in stark contrast to that idea; mom ate it up. All is restored.


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