September 18, 2008

Ballard to Eagle Harbor

As luck would have it, the sun came out for one last weekend in the late Autumn of 2007.
Winds were light, but we crept slowly over to Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island. It was one of those ridiculously pleasant sails. Pleasant is the only word for it. As if the conditions were not pleasant enough, when we arrived at our reciprocal moorage at Eagle Marina, the harbormaster informed us that a sauna was heated and waiting for us, now that is downright pleasant. In the video Steve Springer and his French Canadian girlfriend, Eugenie, enjoy a light lunch and later marvel at harbor seals. Shala spent much of the sail relaxing deckside - am I wrong or is this all super pleasant?

Steve is notable for his deep understanding of molecular evolution and also because he is attempting to earn his doctorate while living in a van. These two features are not at odds with each other; they are actually synergistic.

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