August 25, 2016

Took my girlfriend's parents out for a sail.

Jessica's parents finally made it down for a sail in San Diego.

They live in Phoenix and are generally in need of a break from the brutal heat in Arizona.

San Diego delivered.

We had great cloud cover and comfortably warm air. These are my favorite boating conditions. Plus there were steady 10-15 knot winds all afternoon.

Nothing much more to report. Just a great day out at sea with my lady's folks.


Unknown said...

Love the tiller steering. That's what I have as well, and it makes so much sense on a boat this size.

Sailed recently on the Chesapeake in conditions just as you described. Perfect day!

Captain Curran said...

Rick Bailey-

I agree - it's still easy enough to manage with a tiller - makes the auto helm a bit tricker though...