May 31, 2016

Sea Dogs on the Alize'

I've got dogs on my sailboat!

(...for better or worse) 


Well, it has finally happened...puppies have descended on my otherwise peaceful, Newport 30 sailboat. I would never call myself a dog person, however I would very much call my girlfriend a dog person. She insisted that we get dogs. I was on the fence, but ... sometimes the smart move is to defer to your better half.

So, in conclusion, we are now a dog couple. 

We have two dogs. 

They are puppies. 

They chew everything and pee everywhere and jump up on our legs. 

But - here's the good news. They are completely awesome and I am really, really happy we got them.

This was the first moment that Baja and Glacier peered into the depths of the main cabin. They seemed inquisitive, possibly fearful. They had their reservations.

These puppies have already been through a lot. They were abandoned in Ensenada, Mexico. A kind soul pulled them out from under a car when they were just 1 week old. Their eyes hadn't yet opened up. After being passed from one shelter to the next, we eventually picked them up at The Barking Lot rescue in El Cajon. This is a great organization, if you're ever in the market for a rescue pup.

The dank, dark cabin was a bit too much. So, we returned to the cockpit. Here you can see they're settling in and starting to get their sea legs.

Baja, the brown dog is some type of Collie blend. Glacier - the white one - is a terrier mix. They're both 4 months old.

Oh... and oddly enough these two puppies are sisters. Apparently, a few different dads got involved with the bitch while she was in heat. Strange but true. An entire litter of 12 was delivered at the same time. Some looked like Glacier while others looked like Baja.

At some point, I'll do some genetic testing on them and figure out exactly what breeds they are..

My girlfriend has never been happier. So that alone is reason to keep the dogs. Here, you can see she is encouraging them to descend into the cabin.

I don't like the fur and hair on my cabin cushions. I also don't like the pee stains and chewed up electrical lines...but those are all details and minor inconveniences.

These dogs are really cool. I am stoked that they'll be a part of the next chapter in my life...

Fortunately - they performed well on their first harbor cruise. But, next comes the real test... The Sea Trial..

How will they do in 15 knot winds and a moderate sea swell??

Stay tuned...


jim said...

Interesting article, but maybe next time, you can talk more about the girl friend...

Captain Curran said...

Jim - Yeah, I think she would appreciate that also...