March 27, 2016

Goodbye raft up for Dave in Mariner's Cove, San Diego

Well, time waits for no man. Sailors come and go at our local marina. Sometimes, unlikable people move on and that's a good thing for the rest of the boaters. Those people usually leave in the dark of night and there's not too much more to say about that.

But sometimes a likable person sells their boat and flies off to a new place. And in that moment, it's time to get together and give that likable person a proper send off.

Last weekend, we got about 7-8 of our boats tied up for a proper 'Dave Koller goodbye raft-up'

It's San Diego, so of course the weather was outstanding. There were many cans of Tecate and many limes and plenty of hot sauce.

I believe we all ended up in the water at the end of the night.. that parts a bit blurry. But we definitely had some delicious chicken burritos in the morning. I put those together, so I can vouch for the quality of that meal.

Good bye Dave and stay dry on the Oregon coast...


sail san diego said...

Hi! The photos look really amazing. It clearly resembles the enjoyment you had on that day.

Captain Curran said...

Yep - it was a nice weekend - love the mariner's cove..