September 28, 2015

New gooseneck connector for my Newport 30 sailboat

It finally happened, I busted the 38 year old, cast aluminum gooseneck linkage that connects my mast to my boom. The rings that hold the clevis pin on the boom broke open and this thing became useless.
This means my trip to Catalina Island was postponed. Here you can see the shoddy condition of the gooseneck - the cast aluminum has gotten very weak after 3 decades at sea.

Old gooseneck brace from a Newport 30 mast

busted out old gooseneck


Unknown said...

wondering if for sure you received my thanks for touching base... as well as my query regarding adapting tempered glass fire burning window to solid fuel Dickinson .. good going getting a sign up method in place so quick !

Captain Curran said...

Hey Canyon - yep just got back to you

i am thinking i may be able to sub in some tempered glass, going to check it out this weekend - you sign up yet? you will be my first.

Unknown said...

.... I'm signed in ... good work on your part... Are you planning on keeping me posted about Pyrex fit in .. I would guess an easy step.. maybe retaining the door tracks yet substituting the sliding door for a slender cut of fire right glass !
I'm too the point of feeling drawn more and more to the TinyTot Pet stove... for it's more unusual and attractive plus offers the chance to attach cook top 9x14 inches.. I'd buy just the the main body at first without the cook top.. to try out this winter as a source of heated romance, since i have cool or hot ENO two propane two burner.. plus a small Korean canister one burner as back up .. The Pet is Fatsco's smallest unit.. little bit smaller then the TinyTot model... Both are a real eye catching piece totally old world.. and rumored to be top notch by many a-floater's about who've reported their liking . Looks like a retail of $223 including a heat sink wrap they refer to as a shield. I'd guess about $75 more for shipment . The stove's cook top goes for $138 additional to the $223. Look on line at Fatsco. Evidently when the shipyard is slow.. they get to work doing these . So US made and reasonable price and I've heard hear tell they're a nice family and crew ! Can't beat the combo ... May your sails b-full !