January 5, 2015

Sailing around La Paz in December.

We just returned from sailing in La Paz over the Christmas Break. We had high winds, sometimes uncomfortably high winds - and beautiful anchorages out at Espiritu Santu. December is normally the perfect month to sail in Baja Sur. As you are well clear of the hurricanes and the temperatures are not too hot or humid. We found this to be true, however, on 3 of our 5 days sailing, there were 15-30 kph winds coming straight down the Sea of Cortez. This kept things interesting...

Bahia La Paz from the window of our room at Hotel Perla

The marine protected island Espiritu Santo is a 3-4 hour sail/motor from La Paz. We anchored at Playa Gallo and Playa Gallina. The snorkeling and hiking are both phenomenal.

Playa Gallo and Playa Gallina

We anchored in the part of the water that transitions between aquamarine and navy blue. This is about 40 feet of depth.

Gary and his 36 foot Catalina, Sea Turtle
My old friend from Seattle, Gary Caprario graciously hosted us on his 36 Catalina. 

A beached fiberglass whale 
Anyone know where we found this beached whale? Hint: it is a one day drive from La Paz...

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