September 17, 2014

The Walker 10 dinghy: not the best, but probably the most reliable and cheapest tender.

      I am hard on things in general. An inflatable dinghy has never worked for me. I pop dirigibles often. I like to drag things up on the rocks and leave them there. I don't like to maintain everything I own. Somethings I want things to not require maintenance. The Walker 10 can be treated like a dog, like a dog you are not worried about, a wild dog.

used walker 10 dinghy
My heavily abused 'Walker 10' dragged up on the rocks at Toyon Bay, Catalina Island.
And like a dog, this dingy will be there for you in your darkest moments. Its never sprung a leak, there's no engine to worry about. The stout oars are there for you. You need to enjoy rowing, but, how else are you going to get a work out when you're floating around at Sea? Real sailors row!

Walker 10, roomy with 2 people, less so with 3-4 folks.
I wouldn't mess with the Walker 8 (8 foot), its just too small.

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