August 17, 2010

sea mammals and salmon in Chatham Strait

Dalls Porpoise bow riding the Alize'.

Ryan got a beautiful shot of this porpoise right in the middle of a very fast rooster kick.

A single salmon provides about 3-4 meals on the Alize', so we have been bringing one in ever couple of days to keep the Omega 3's up.

and another one.

Harbor seals line up like a team of neoprene clad divers.

An Orca patrols the top of Chatham Strait.

Another very difficult shot by Ryan - a Humpback in mid-breach caught with a telephoto lens.

gorgeous tail-lob.

Ryan takes the helm.

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Anonymous said...

That mid-breach by Ryan is just sick. Sign me up for the next trip, man... Put me to work! - Z