August 17, 2010

Clarence Strait: Petersburg to Canada

There is no gender bias on the Alize'.

Every man, woman or child takes their turn hauling anchor.

Brianna brought a level of sailing experience and enthusiasm that was unprecedented by previous crew members on the voyage (no offense fellas). She hails from the rich sailing culture of Missoula, Montana - where she skippers her own boat in Flathead Lake.

Her expertise was timely because we had high winds and high seas as we crossed the Dixon Entrance into Canada. As usual - none of these high seas are captured in photos.

The second day was notable for its lack of visibility. This only became a concern when we realized we were spinning backwards in tide rips and the engine's water intake had cut out.

But all issues were quickly remedied and we continued south through Snow Passage.

We flew the new spinnaker on a leisurely day before crossing Dixon Entrance.

Salmon continue to spill their blood on the decks of the Alize'.

All in all - it was a pretty chill section - Dixon Entrance notwithstanding

And we ran into the Time Bandit from 'Deadliest Catch' outside of Mektalatka - they were living large.

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