September 6, 2009

humback whale in Barkley Sound

We had a couple of nice encounters with humpback whales and Orcas in and around Barkley Sound.

None of these moments were captured on film.
This tiny clip is all we had.

Unless Newman has more footage? to me.


kelvin freely said...

sorry, couldn't resist the jab. just read every post and it all checks out. a completely enviable adventure.
Can't wait until I get my chance to spill a drink on the high seas.

looking forward to more posts.

Anonymous said...

Newman supposedly has a cache of footage - but we haven't heard from him since headed off to the Arctic - typical.

kelvin freely said...

Newman's not even in the arctic. He's in the UK--how typical that a kiwi ex-pat spends time in the commonwealth. I'm highly suspicious. Although he is also sailing around the baltics. And you can't really say shit about that.