June 5, 2009

going aloft

I have begun the daunting task of replacing all of the standing rigging on Alizé II. This means many journeys to the top of of the mast to pull cotter pins and clevis pins and tension turnbuckles and check for weeping pits in my swages.


daniel said...

I just lost my lunch. I can't wait for my chance to get up there!

Unknown said...

can anyone teach me how to get a grave accent on an 'e'

punched onto this site, from a PC

none of the 'alt' codes I have found on the internet seem to work -

Joel Byron Barker said...

Accented letters can be fished out of the "Character Map" application, under "Programs | Accessories | Somethingorother.

You can copy and paste the character from there or get the key code from the lower right corner.

Looks to me like it should be ALT-0232.

Unknown said...

thanks Joél!

Unknown said...

thanks answér phoné!